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Serving up great marketing solutions 

Like great cooking, there are a few secrets to the art and science of creating compelling communications that capture heart, minds and wallets. Start with creative talent and a sound strategy. Add a pinch of curiosity and instinct, and a dash of insight and experience for superior results every time. And don’t forget to eat your vegetables. And drink lots of water. 


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Contact us at 905.823.5321 or and find out what P&D can do for you. Delivery and takeout available. 

Online or offline, P&D has the right ingredients 



Whether it’s B2B, B2C or D2C, Pinch & Dash solves marketing challenges by delivering the right communications solutions. Your brand and message are what’s important. And the medium is wherever your audience can be engaged. 


From digital, social, branding and promotions to direct mail, print advertising and collateral, our creative team leverages decades of experience combined with strategic ingenuity and client collaboration to maximize ROI. 

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We deliver

Call 905.823.5321 or email today.
Ask about our vegan and gluten-free options. 

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Add P&D to your marketing mix and watch your sales rise


Pinch & Dash is in the business of building profitable long-term relationships with our clients and their customers. We do so by providing creative marketing solutions that captivate, communicate and motivate.  


Whether it’s a website, email, blog, tweet, ad, coupon, brochure, letter, postcard, POP, packaging or direct marketing initiative, we work as an extension of your team and tackle each communications challenge with expertise and enthusiasm.  



If you need help getting noticed, we work virtually with our clients across North America and around the globe. Contact us today and we’ll begin motivating your audience to take action. 

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Hungry for results? 

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We like cookies. When we’re not building appetizing brands, creating tempting websites or getting our clients noticed through enticing communications, there’s a good chance we’re baking a batch of mouth-watering cookies. This website also uses cookies (a different kind) to help us analyze site traffic and make your experience better. By using our site you are implying that you like cookies, too and are consenting to their use. 

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